PAKU X PIQAT Monster Tshirt

PAKU X PIQAT Monster Tshirt

In this article we will be delving further into the inspiration behind the amazing work that PAKU x Piqat has put into their Monster collection, which has expanded from the Monster Makeup Brushes and Monster Perfume to the newly released Monster T-Shirts.


Founder of PAKU, Amira (Miya) Hamid has shared with us that the inspiration behind the Monster collection has come from having to juggle her work, being a mother to a toddler, and a wife to her husband in the midst of a pandemic. As a working mother, Miya found it tough and challenging to have to balance these several roles while also taking care of her own mental health. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 across the world, the decline of people’s mental health was at an all-time low, and Miya was no exception. However, instead of surrendering to these emotions, Miya used it as a fuel of inspiration. Keeping true to herself and the brand of PAKU, Miya began to work closely with Piqat Perfume to produce this carefully curated line of Monsters which could help her express and share her ideas with the rest of the world.


The designs of each character were to match and reflect PAKU’s branding of having a cute yet edgy look. “Nothing gruesome, just make it cute”, says Miya. Behind each monster are different characteristics cultivated from Miya’s experience as a mother to her 2-year-old daughter, Heidi, who has been the main inspiration of this entire collection. Examples of such are the “Zoning Out” monster, which has come from Miya’s experience when she gets a few moments of freedom while Heidi is watching Paw Patrol, or “Everything’s Fine” monster which is when Miya doesn’t feel like “mom-ing” and consequently has to deal with the “mom-guilt” after.


Social media has always been a good source of inspiration and building connectivity with others, but it is undoubtedly filled with much toxicity and negative undertones. With this in consideration, Miya began getting PAKU x Piqat to work together to create something that could add something fun, cute, and positive for her loyal PAKU Enthusiasts to view and be a part of.

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PAKU x Piqat has grown and expanded so much since their first release on the Monster Makeup Brush Set. With the current Monster Tees out and available for purchasing, we can only expect to see them come out more new and exciting things!