My Favorite Reusable Coffee Cups and Travel Mugs

If one of your 2023 goals is to live more sustainably, buying a reusable coffee cup, tumbler, or travel mug is a simple way to bake the virtue into your everyday life. Many of us are guilty of grabbing a latte and, after an hour or two, quickly discarding that paper or plastic cup into the trash.

My friends and family know that coffee is my must-have accessory, everyday.

Three things I love about Mayzura's tumbler : 

1. Comes in cute colors ( or just go black)

2. Its ability to keep your coffee cold, or hot, for twelve hours.

3. I can customize my name on it (with any type of fonts)


You can get these tumbler at their tiktok shop

Lets finally wrap it up with - selamat diracun!